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BMW steering wheel M performance LCI for 5, 6, 7 series (F01, F02, F06, F07, F10, F11, F12, F13) with paddles


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£ 999.00



  • Item is in very good (like NEW) condition. If you like to see exactly what we will ship to you, you can ask for more detail pictures, we can send it to you before buying.
  • 100% tested and working. Since most items on our shop are used, we test all items before shipping, mark with special labels in case of return. We give 60 days for you to use and test this item, if you find any errors, please contact us and we will send a replacement. Buyer pays for shipping item back.
  • Genuine and original (not aftermarket).


Installation and coding:

  • Installation is easy:
    • 1) lower the steering wheel, so you have more space to work
    • 2) disconnect negative terminal from car’s battery
    • 3) disconnect airbag (push through the holes under airbag or pull the clips behind the steering wheel)
    • 4) unscrew main bolt of your old steering wheel
    • 5) install you new steering wheel, screw main bolt back
    • 6) connect all cables and push the airbag till it clicks on both sides
  • Coding: If you buy steering wheel with same keypad options, you will not need to code your car, it is plug and play. If you want to upgrade some options (like heating, cruise control), coding will be needed, contact us we will give you more details on this.
  • Support: you can always contact us, we are glad to help you on this journey.


Available keypad options (choose your option when buying):


Suitable for these BMW models:

This steering wheel fits on all chassis that are listed below, it does not matter what type of engine you have.

5 series

BMW 5 series F10, F11
6 series

BMW 6 series F06, F12
7 series

BMW 7 series F01, F02



Yes, No

Keypad options

Speed limiter (No.1), Cruise control (No.2), Cruise control + Speed limiter (No.3), Cruise control + Distronic / ACC (No.4), Active cruise control + Speed limiter (No.5)

Steering wheel options

Standard, Lane departure warning (vibro)

Airbag type

Europe (1 stage), US (2 or 3 stages)